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                Gaetano Family Farm, LLC

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Please note that we NO LONGER sell hatching eggs

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Poultry, Organic Veggie, Organic Herbs, and Berry Farm

We are a small private farm located in the hills of New Haven County, Connecticut. We raise different breeds of poultry including: Large Fowl Chickens, Bantam Chickens, Chicks, Quail, Turkey and Ducks.

We also attend some local farm markets offering: Organic Veggies, Organic Herbs, Berries, Jelly, Jams, and free range eating eggs and poultry shows where on occasion we offer our poultry for sale.

Owner, Beth Gaetano has been involved in the farming community since she was a young child. Attending Ox-bury 4-H in the 80s, Graduated from a Vo-Ag school in 1992, worked as a vet tech in the early 90s, and has owned and operated the farm since 2002.

Beth is always available for questions and concerns regarding the sales of her poultry and/or hatching eggs. She loves to educate the inexperienced chicken owners of Connecticut helping ease into owning their own flock. I am also a licensed dealer of poultry with the State of CT Department of Agriculture My license number is: LPD.00206 exp. 06/03/2013.

Chicken breeds that we specialize in:

Buff Orpingtons, English Black Orpingtons, Bearded Silkies in Partridge, Blue Partridge, White, Black, Blue, & Splash, Bantam Blue, Black, Splash & White Cochins, Leghorns Standard and Bantam White, and French Marans.

Heritage Turkeys that we specialize in:

Royal Palm, Narragansett, and Blue Slate

Ducks that we specialize in:

Muscovies and Blue and Black Swedish

Game-birds that we specialize in:

Coturnix Brown, and Chuckars

I am also a participate in the National Poultry Improvement Plan. (NPIP)  My number is #16-1073. All the chicken breeding stock on the farm is tested every three months on a voluntary program with the State of Connecticut Department of Agriculture. All birds are negative for Avian Influenza clean H5/H7, and Salmonella Pullorum.  


Please feel free to contact us for more information About our farm. Thank you for looking!!!

All pictures are taken by Gaetano Family Farm, LLC or have been taken of their stock. No rights to others to use, copy, or replicate these photos exsist.

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